Spiderman Revaltions Slot


Are you a big fan of Spiderman? If so, then it would be no surprise if you have read all the comic books, watched the movies and even have special collector’s item memorabilia in your room. But have you ever tried playing Spiderman slots? If not yet, it’s just right that you start playing Spiderman Revelations right now. Set in the New York City backdrop, Spiderman Revelations offers a 5-reel slots adventure where you not only make spins to earn prizes; you also get to accompany Spiderman in his crime fighting escapades. With its big jackpot prizes and different options to win cash, you will definitely love this fruit machine.


The Concept


Spiderman Revelations follows more of the comic book vibe, and the style of the reels gives you the drive to play, and with each spin you make you also get to help Spiderman solve the crimes he is faced with. The game is also mixed with some RPG tricks, so you get to act like you’re playing a combat game and not a slot, which only adds more excitement.


Game Play


What makes this game tick is that you have 2 different games to play in just one platform. For a start, you can bet on any of the 25 lines found in the reels, just like other slots games. You can already earn good winnings with the reels alone. However, if you want to further boost your earnings the fast and easy way, you should check out the special Bonus Round where you get to enjoy more points by fighting against the bad guys. Because of its slots appeal, the game also makes use of 3 progressive jackpots and many random extras such as the wild, scatter and multiplier bonuses. You also get free games depending on the bonuses you earned.


Betting and Winning


The minimum bet that you can place on each game is £0.10, which is fairly reasonable as most slot games set their floor bets at this rate. Meanwhile, the maximum bet you can make is £5. These rates are actually good enough to play with, as they don’t get to hurt your budget as compared to that of other slots. The jackpot in the Spiderman Revelations game is progressive, and the maximum pot of money that you can take home is £25,000.This jackpot prize is already big, and the good thing about it is that you have a variety of options to increase your winnings.




Spiderman Revelations is among our most recommended slot games to play, as there are many perks that you can use to boost your winnings. You are given not just a good jackpot prize to get; you can also win many bonuses such as multipliers and free games that may add more earnings to your account. The game also takes you to the fight scenes where you can make the moves against your opponents, thus you are able to feel more of the adrenaline rush with each and every round.



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